Thank you from Sussex Cookers

Time has come for a big change and as part of the change, we have made the decision to close Sussex Cookers.

As with many big life decisions, this one hasn't come easily and we would like to thank all the lovely customers we have had over last five-plus years online and the many that has spanned back over the decades.

Closing a business is never an easy process and to reassure all our recent customers we plan to fully uphold the warranties to give peace of mind on all orders than span beyond the end of the closer of Sussex Cookers.

From a practical standpoint - we will maintain our contact and returns process here on the site, so if you have an inquiry about an existing order or return please use the respective pages.

If you need to contact us:
Contact Us

If you need a raise a return:

Our advise centre is still open:
Advise Center

Due to closing, we will re responding to these messages outside normal business hours at the weekends. So please bear with us during this transition period.

We fully maintain our commitment to five-star service and have been proud to be one of the top 10 appliance companies on TrustPilot.

Running Sussex Cookers has been a massive learning experience, there would be many things we would do differently now and many things we would keep the same.

I have personally enjoyed providing that personal service to our customers and have been proud to run an independent business in a climate where large companies have dominated.

Once again, thank you for all the lovely customers who have made this a personally rewarding experience over the last five years and furthermore thank you to friends and family that have supported the business.