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How do I find the model number on my Belling Cooker?
hobbwstylised.jpgFor Belling cookers and ovens, the Data Plate can usually be found inside the oven door, on the bottom right hand side affixed to the cookers body. If you cannot find it there, it can also be found on the back of the appliance's body.

For Belling Hobs, the Data Plate is located on the underside and can be accessed by removing the hob from the housing.

There are two important parts of information that is required to identify your appliance. These are model or Product Number. Model numbers are split into two components. The First a code that contains a series of letters and numbers and the second a 9 digit number that usually begins with 05, 20 or 44. The latter is the most useful piece of information and in some cases can also be known as a Product Number denoted by PN. The other number that you should note down is the Serial Number indicated by SN.