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How do I find the model number on my Bosch Cooker?
hobbwstylised.jpgOn Bosch cookers the Data Plate can be difficult to find and sometimes unobvious when you find it. On a broad range of models, the plate tends to be on the appliance housing; on the back for cookers and on either the side or the top for built-in ovens. Sometimes the Data Plate can be found by opening the main oven door on the rim of the oven cavity next to the door seal.

If you're removing a built-in appliance, you will need to carefully slide the appliance forward, sometimes this will require to you remove fixing screws at the side. When doing this, be careful to ensure the cooker is isolated from the mains and you have a work bench to support the cooker as you bring it forward.

On Bosch cooking appliances, the model number is a combination of digits and characters, normally with a three character prefix starting 'HBN' and multi character suffix. It's important that you also note the number after the forward slash, for example '/01' in the examples. Example model numbers can look like:


Generally, the Serial Number is found below or next to the model number and is a series of digits.