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How do I find the model number on my Electrolux Cooker?
hobbwstylised.jpgOn Electrolux Cooking appliances you will be looking for a Data Plate that contains model and Product Number. Within this site, the model number will be the most useful piece of information to search with.

The model number is a combination of numbers and digits. For example model numbers:


This is then followed by a 9 or 11 digit PNC or Product Number, usually beginning with a 9, like 944171102 /00 for example.

Older appliances will have a gas council number displayed on the data badge usually indicated by GC or GCN. The GCN number will be represented by a 7 digit number usually beginning with 11.

The other number that you should note down is the Serial Number indicated by SN. We recommend you use the Model or Product Number as part of your search term on this site to help you identify the parts that are suitable for you appliance.