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How do I find the model number on my Falcon Cooker?
hobbwstylised.jpgOn Falcon Cooking appliances you will be looking for a Data Plate that contains model and Serial Number. Within this site, the model number is the most useful piece of information to search with.
The Data Plate is normally located either on bottom plinth or behind the bottom storage drawer on the right. To locate the Data Plate behind the storage drawer you first need to remove the drawer from the cooker than then shine a light to illuminate the Data Plate, it is normally on the body of the cooker, to the right hand side.

Older appliances will have a gas council number displayed on the data badge usually indicated by GC or GCN. The GCN number will be represented by a 7 digit number usually beginning with 11.

Newer appliances will have a large 10 digit Serial Number which should take you to the right model. This number can be broken up into 2 parts , with the first 4 digits being model number written either above or next to the last 6 digits, which is the Serial Number. Example model numbers can look like:


With this information you can search for spares on our store, for example searching for "6952 Control switch".