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Why is my Cooker is noisy?
fanoveninternal.jpgNormally when you experience noise from the oven it will be due to a fault with your fan or cooling fan motor. It is not uncommon for the cooling fan to be misaligned or damaged on new cookers in transit; this would be identified by a screeching sound as the blades catch the casing. This problem can be addressed by adjusting the motors alignment to stop the noise.

In the case of older appliances the bearings can fail in the motor which will cause a similar issue. You need correct the problem promptly because the fan element may fail in addition to the motor. This is because the motor turns slower than it should, causing the fan element to overheat. In some cases the fan blades may even "clip" the element, again leading to its premature failure.

We welcome you to Email us through or call on +44 (0) 1273 420134 if you are unsure or need help. In order for us to help your inquiry we ask that you have the model number of the appliance to hand when calling.

We have a wealth of expertise on Gas and Electric Cookers so do please contact us for advice. We are very experienced at helping all levels of competence and endeavour to understand your needs and to use language you can understand.

We can also supply most Fan Motors for all British and Continental Cookers, from stock. Please contact us with the make and model for details.