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How do I fix the light inside my oven?
fanoveninternal.jpgMore often this is a simple case of replacing the bulb.

However sometimes the bulb cover can get stuck on due to the build-up of cooking grease. For many makes and models of oven, the cover is sold complete with the light assembly. So unfortunately, it may mean the full light assembly is required as it might turn out there is no way to remove the bulb without smashing the cover.

If you are required to smash the cover, get an old towel and place it over the lamp cover and smash carefully with hammer. The towel should catch most of the glass, stop you getting cut or shards of glass flying at your face as well as protecting the oven liner.

Most common bulbs used for ovens and cookers are available from our site, make sure that you use a bulb that is correctly rated for the temperature of your oven or the new one could explode!

If you have any further questions on the subject we welcome you to Email us or call on +44 (0) 1273 420134 if you are unsure or need help. In order for us to help your inquiry we ask that you have the model number of the appliance to hand when calling.

We have a wealth of expertise on Gas and Electric Cookers so do please contact us for advice. We are very experienced at helping all levels of competence and endeavour to understand your needs and to use language you can understand.