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Why has the glass fallen off my over door?
ovenwithracks.jpgOn older ovens the high temperature silicone adhesive can perish over time, causing the glass to separate from the door.

If this occurs, you need to re-glue your oven glass using special high temperature silicon glue which can withstand the oven temperatures and remain flexible to absorb the expansion and contraction of the metal door frame.

To perform this DIY repair, you need to follow your Manufacturer's instructions for removing the door, and then disassemble the oven door.

You now need to remove the partially unstuck inner door glass from the door frame and thoroughly clean both parts with de-greaser. Make a point of scraping off the left over glue and any burnt on grease using a razor blade before cleaning both parts again with the de-greaser.

Now that both parts are thoroughly clean and grease-free you need to further clean the glass and the metal with an alcohol based cleaner. Both surfaces need to be absolutely clean and grease free otherwise the glue will not adhere properly.

Next, you need to prepare yourself to glue the glass back in place. You should first use newspaper to protect the surface you are working on. Then, you should position the glass in place and use small strips of masking tape to mark where the glass goes. The strips of tape are both a guide for when you put the silicon glue on the frame and subsequently allow you to locate the glass correctly without having to move it and smear the glue around.

We recommend you do a dry run with clamps to check that you are happy before adding glue.

When you are satisfied, you need to apply a continuous bead of glue around the perimeter of the metal frame using the strips of masking tape as a guide.

Note that there is sometimes a lip around the edge of the metal frame. This means that it is essential that the bead of glue is deep enough to ensure that it comes into contact with the glass all the way round. This may require several tubes of glue.

Now you need to position the glass in the door and clamp it gently in place with two cam clamps, use plywood to spread the load evenly across the glass. It is important that you don't clamp it too tightly, the idea is to hold the glass in place as the glue dries, not squeeze-out the glue or damage the glass.

Leave the glue to dry for 48 hours before un-clamping. Once the clamps are off you can remove the strips of tape and check that the glass is glued in place correctly and then re-assemble the door.

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