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Why is my oven is burning everything?
foodinoven.jpgIf you are finding that your oven is burning your food, it is likely that the Thermostat is faulty. The typical symptom for a faulty Thermostat is that the oven will not maintain a stable temperature and have the tendency to overheat.

The Thermostat is used to regulate the oven's temperature on both gas and electric ovens. They are comprised of a Thermostat Body, Sensor and Capillary. The Sensor sits in the oven's body and feeds the current cooking temperature via the capillary to the Thermostat Body. Once the oven has reached the desired temperature, the Thermostat will reduce the power to the cooker element or in the case of gas cookers, will restrict the gas supply to lower the flame. Often when a thermostat fails, it will cease regulating the temperate and the oven will overheat. If you are finding that your oven is incinerating everything you cook then you need to replace your thermostat. We are able to quickly supply a wide range of thermostat replacements, so please call us if you require one.

cookingpots.jpgIn some occurrences, a faulty Thermostat sometimes prematurely regulates the heat, preventing the oven from reaching the desired temperature. This can normally be identified by using an oven thermometer to test the temperature at various levels. This is easy on most makes and models of electric cookers because there is normally a light on the exterior of the oven which is illuminated while the oven is heating up. Once the light has dimmed you can check the temperature in the oven with the thermometer to see how it compares with the marked temperature.

On Gas cookers, you simply have to wait for the flame to reduce in size and at that point you need to compare the oven temperature with the gas mark.

Be mindful that in a gas oven a faulty Flame Failure Device can be mistaken for faulty Thermostat. The typical symptom for a faulty Flame Failure Device (FFD) is that the oven will ignite but the flame will not rise to the full height as you would normally expect after 15-45 seconds. If these are your symptoms it is very likely that you need to replace your Flame Failure Device rather than Thermostat.

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If you have a fault with your cooker, work should be carried out by suitability qualified engineer complying with your local laws. Within the UK, engineers performing work on gas carrying components need to be registered 'Gas Safe', you can look up Gas Safe engineers in your area on

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